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A Program That Will Assist With Comprehension And Reading Speed

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Introducing basic literacy skills at home may have a bearing how well your child does on standardized tests and may influence your child to read more books. An online reading comprehension in home program will feature short passages, questions, and games that focus on various parts of speech. If your child excels in a particular lesson, they may be rewarded with a congratulatory message, an online medal or star, or access to additional gaming types.

Explore Some Programs

Visit several websites that are associated with a particular program to determine if the lesson plans and objective of the learning tool is age appropriate for your child or will provide the support that they need to improve literacy skills. Some programs are free and others may offer an introductory cost or trial session, which will allow your child to practice reading or improve phonics or understanding of various parts of speech.

If you decide to use a free or discounted program, let your child know that you have chose a new activity for them to participate in on days that they don't have much homework. Begin the program by sitting down with your child and explaining what each activity will entail and how much time that you would like them to dedicate to their studies. Some lessons may be easier than others and the lessons should be completed consecutively, since skills will be built upon as each section is completed.

If your child becomes frustrated with their ability to read or is having difficulty with specific verb tenses or the spellings of some words, provide encouragement and help your child with the area that they're is struggling with. Implement regular breaks, which will give your child the opportunity to reflect upon the most recent lesson or an activity that they were presented with.

Monitor Schoolwork And Test Scores

If your child was receiving failing grades or substandard ones that placed them at risk of being held back, things may begin to look up, once your child grows accustomed to using a reading comprehension program. Reading is fundamental and is utilized in just about every part of a person's life.

Once your child begins feeling confident about their reading ability, they may be inclined to purchase or borrow books, which will further improve their reading speed and comprehension level. Monitor your child's schoolwork and test scores, to determine how much the comprehension program has helped.