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Does Your Commercial Laundromat Equipment Need To Be Replaced?

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You made a major investment in your laundromat when it opened and bought all-new equipment pieces to serve your customers. After many years in business and a lot of laundry done, you may be noticing your equipment is starting to look a bit dated and well-used. However, is it time to replace the equipment or should you hang on for a while longer?

Take a look at a few good signs that should let you know it is time to replace your commercial laundry equipment. 

Your laundry equipment is behind on tech

Check out some of the latest tech-savvy additions to commercial laundry equipment, and you may feel like your stuff came from the stone ages. Technology has advanced drastically over the last decade, and even something as basic as a commercial washing machine or dryer boasts some nice tech-y features. For example, you may find washing machines that accept card payments instead of coins or have keypads where customers can enter their phone number to get an automated text when the machine is done with its cycle. These may not be necessities, but they are features more modern laundromat customers are looking for. 

Your machines are down for repairs quite often

All commercial laundromat equipment is going to be down for repairs at some point. General wear and tear on these units can have you replacing some parts periodically; that's normal. However, if you have units that are down for repairs more often than up and functional, investing in new equipment is becoming a necessity. 

Your customers have complained

You may not be fully present all the time to hear what customers have to say about your service experience, but every business owner catches a few offhanded comments on occasion. If you have heard some complaints that the equipment is old, dingy, and not all that effective, it is definitely a sign that it's time to make some upgrades. 

You have laundry equipment that is quite noisy 

If you take a walk into a laundromat that is outfitted with all modern equipment, you will notice one thing that is really different: the noise level. Modern machines are designed with internal balancing systems and many other features that make the units operate quietly. If your laundromat is so loud that people seem to shout at each other during wash-cycle chit-chat, it's a good sign it is time for some new equipment. 

Look into commercial laundromat equipment sales today to learn the prices and the ROI you might experience.