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Architectural Coatings That Will Help You Protect Materials That Cannot Be Finished With Normal Paint

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If you have finishes on the exterior of a building that require something more than normal paint, then you need architectural coatings. These are sealants and other coatings that are usually meant to protect the surfaces from wear and tear. Some of the areas of a building that might get architectural coatings including roofs, engineered wood, and architectural steel products. The following guide will help you choose architectural coatings for the materials that you are trying to protect:

1. The Right Type of Varnishes to Protect Exterior Engineered Wood with Architectural Coatings

Engineered wood products are common with architectural designs that require unique woodwork and longer life spans. The problem comes when these materials are exposed to the elements, which can cause deterioration and rot. Therefore, you will want to protect engineered wood products that are exposed to the outdoors with a good varnish.

2. Powder Coating and Other Architectural Coatings to Protect Steel and Other Exterior Metals

Metal materials like steel are also architectural features that need to be protected from weathering and corrosion. For exterior architectural steel, powder coating solutions are common architectural coatings. There are also spray coatings that can be applied to existing steel elements to protect them from damage and deterioration.

3. Latex and Vinyl Architectural Coatings to Protect and Extend the Life of Conventional Roofing Materials

Latex and vinyl coatings are often used for exterior finishes like roofs and deck surfaces. These architectural coatings can be used to coat existing roofing materials with a durable finish to extend the life of existing roofing materials. They can also be applied to concrete and other surfaces that need to be protected from water and moisture penetration.

4. Using Architectural Coatings to Protect Synthetic and Fiber Cement Exterior Materials from Wear

There are other exterior materials that may need to be protected from the elements with something more than conventional paint. These materials include things like fiber cement and other synthetic exterior materials that require a durable finish to protect them and give them an attractive appearance. Architectural coatings will provide a more durable finish for these materials that require something more than paint. 

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when looking for something more than paint to protect exterior materials. If you need to find the right coatings for your project, contact an architectural coating service and talk to them about some of these solutions.