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4 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Comedian for a Corporate Event

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Hiring a comedian for a corporate event gives your organization a break from long meetings and business-focused activities. To help the entertainment portion of your corporate event go smoothly, you'll need to do a bit of advanced planning. Here are some helpful tips to consider when you're ready to book a comedian.

1. Use an Entertainment Booking Company

Event entertainment booking companies can work as your intermediary when hiring any type of entertainer. The company can help you find the right comedian to fit your budget. Schedule a consultation with a representative from the booking company to discuss how much time you need to fill and how much you are looking to spend. You may only want a brief 20-minute set between breakout sessions at your conference, or you may want an evening headliner for a dinner event. The booking company can help you sort through big-name entertainers or local comedians to fill your needs.

2. Consider Your Audience

There are many different comedic styles and voices to choose from, so be sure that you consider your audience when you are ready to book a comedian. Some entertainers are more controversial than others. You may want to avoid comedians known for rough language or edgy routines, as this type of entertainment might alienate some of your staff and clients. Work with the booking company to ensure the comedian you choose will abide by any language and topic restrictions you may have. For example, if your company is part of the dairy industry, you will want to avoid booking a comedian known for being a strict vegan. You may want to do some independent research to make sure you are getting the right entertainer for your event.

3. Assign a Personal Assistant

On the day of the event, assign a staff member to serve as a personal assistant to the comedian. This person should be in charge of providing refreshments, ensuring the dressing room is up to standard, and escorting the entertainer to the venue. Having a personal assistant can help the comedian feel comfortable at the event and prevent any scheduling issues that might arise.

4. Plan for Event Meet-And-Greets

You may be able to negotiate meet-and-greet time after the performance is over, but you'll need to discuss this with the entertainment booking company in advance. Some comedians may charge extra for one-on-one time with the audience after the show. If you do pay extra for this option, be sure to limit how many people can spend time with the entertainer. If your event has several hundred people in attendance, it may be unrealistic to expect everyone to get a photo op and autograph. Consider raffling off backstage time with the comedian in advance to help limit the number of people involved in the meet-and-greet session.