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Common Questions On The Terminology Used To Describe Commercial Laundry Units

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To your business, shopping for commercial washing machines and dryers can be a little more complex than just going out and buying a standard washer and dryer. These units often come along with designations and advertising terms that can be a little confusing and hard to understand. Before you set out on your shopping excursion for commercial laundry systems, take a look at some of the most common questions buyers tend to have.

What is a divided cylinder washer?

Divided cylinder washing machines have a divided washtub; they have more than one compartment for clothing or laundry to go inside. Divided cylinder washtubs are commonly used in commercial settings where what is being washed has to be held separately. For example, in a nursing home, it may be necessary to keep laundry items separated according to the resident.

What is a suspended washing machine?

A suspended washing machine is a machine that's internal tub is suspended from the top instead of being firmly mounted. Suspended washing machines have a balancing system inside so they operate more quietly. In areas where noise levels can pose a problem, suspended washing machines can make a better commercial solution.

What is a pass-through commercial dryer?

If you spot a pass-through commercial dryer for sale along with OPL washing machines, you are bound to be a bit curious. In general terms, a pass-through dryer is designed to accept wet laundry in on one end and then extrude it on the other after it is dry. These dryers are most often used in conjunction with a sort of pass-through washing system, which is a common setup in batch laundry systems.

What is the difference between a cabinet and a classic rigid mount washing machine?

Cabinet rigid mount washers are more akin to what you are likely accustomed to seeing. The washing tub is situated inside of a cabinet or box-like outer shell. A classic rigid mount washing machine does not look like it is installed into a cabinet. Instead, the tub almost protrudes from the front of the back housing that holds the actual motor.

Work with a Dealer to Find the Commercial Laundry Equipment You Need 

Getting the best equipment for laundry purposes for your business is definitely important. If you are having a hard time determining what kind of commercial laundry equipment will be best for your business, make sure you work with a dealer to find what you need.

For more information, contact a local OPL commercial washing machine supplier.