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Are Slanted Parking Slots Better Than Straight?

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When you contact a professional to get the parking lot line striping painted for the first time, you will be faced with a major decision. Do you prefer your parking slots to be straight or would you rather them be slanted? If you have a rather large parking area, slanted parking slots tend to be the norm. However, some companies do straight parking slots just the same even if they do have a lot of space available. Determining which one is better can depend on personal preference, but there are actually pros and cons of both slanted and straight parking slots. 

Advantages of Slanted Parking Space Lines 

Slanted parking slots actually serve several advantages, which is why you see more slanted spaces than straight in larger areas. In angled slots, drivers do not have to actually turn their wheels as sharply when they pull in to park. Likewise, when the driver leaves, they don't have to make a sharp turn either. Drivers can also get out easier if the car next to them happens to park a bit too closely. Another thing to keep in mind is slanted parking slot lines tend to yield you with more parking spaces; straight lines have to be wider set to allow ample room for cars to pull out. 

Downfalls of Slanted Parking Lines 

  • The layout of slanted parking spots will require only one-way traffic 
  • Slanted lines must be aptly sized so cars do not get congested 
  • The lines have to be carefully placed to make sense in the parking lot layout 

Advantages of Straight Parking Space Lines 

You will find straight parking spaces in a lot of parking garages, in smaller parking lots, and even in some larger parking areas. These lines are designed to allow the people parking to turn into a parking space in a straight 90-degree angle. These parking slots take less configuration to install, and they do allow for two-way traffic because drivers can easily turn into the slots from either direction without an issue. 

Downfalls of Straight Parking Lines 

  • The spaces will take up more space in the parking lot; fewer spaces will be available 
  • There can be a higher risk of collisions because drivers have to make a sharp turn to get in and out 
  • Door bangs within parking spaces may be more of a risk 

Work with a Parking Lot Line Striping Company for Advice

The types of lines that get painted on your lot can make all the difference in customer experience. Reach out to a professional parking lot line striping company to get guidance if you are undecided about what type of parking would work best for the space you have.