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Here's Why You Should Buy A Big Bottle Of Grade A Maple Syrup

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There are currently four different types of Grade A maple syrup on the market. Some are lighter in color in taste, while others are darker in color and richer in maple flavor. Grade A maple syrup comes from all kinds of awesome places, like Vermont. No matter what type of maple syrup you decide to buy, there are lots of good reasons to opt for the larger bottle instead of a small one. Here are some of the best reasons that should not be overlooked.

It Holds Up Well in the Fridge

Grade A maple syrup can hold up well in the cupboard before it gets opened, then in the fridge after it gets opened. It can even be kept in a deep freezer for months if not years between uses. Instead of having to remember to buy a new small bottle of maple syrup each month, you can buy one large bottle and then split it into separate containers to freeze or simply keep it in your fridge for regular use in the coming months. You will only have to buy a bottle once or twice a year, increasing your shopping and budgeting convenience overall.

It Can Replace Other Ingredients

Maple syrup can replace a bunch of other ingredients in the kitchen. This means that you can purchase a large bottle of it and use it up just as quickly as you normally would a smaller bottle — and save some money on other ingredients in the process. For example, you can use lighter flavored maple syrup in place of most types of sugar. You can use richer flavored maple syrup in place of caramel and brown sugar.

If fresh berries are not available in the kitchen, a little maple syrup mixed with some berry jam and simmered for a few minutes will create the perfect berry drizzle for salads and desserts. Maple syrup can be added drizzled on bacon pizza, added to hot chocolate, and included in any recipe in place of honey.

It Will Save You a Little Bit of Money

Buying Grade A maple syrup in bulk can help save you some money as time goes on. You can use it in place of other ingredients and save some money in that way or simply save money compared to buying multiple small bottles throughout the year. And you won't have to spend money unexpectedly because you ran out of a little bottle without realizing it when you need it for pancakes or waffles on a Sunday morning.

For more information about maple syrup, such as Grade A Vermont maple syrup, reach out to a local store.