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Benefits of Using Movers and Pod Storage

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Pod storage and moving options are becoming increasingly popular for many people. This moving option offers several benefits including the ability to store your items before and after the initial move. Because the storage and moving options of a pod are so beneficial, many people may not consider using movers. The truth is, there are several benefits to using movers along with pod storage. Here are some of those benefits and what to know about each one.

Packing for Transport

You can pack the pod storage yourself and on your own timeline. The issue with packing the pod is that the packing should be done with transportation in mind. Keep in mind, your pod will be moved on a truck to the new location. This can move items and cause damage to some of your items if they are not packed correctly. Movers can pack your items in boxes and then pack them for transport in the pod. The movers can ensure that boxes are stacked properly and that boxes are marked properly. 

Unpacking the Pod

If you have a deadline, or there are items you need to access as soon as possible, you will need to unload the pod as quickly as you can. This can take several days depending on the number of items you have and if they need to be placed in their designated spots in your new home. Movers can meet you at the new residence and unload the pod for you. Since there are usually two to three people on the moving teams available to you, unloading the pod will take less time, even if you have to place the items in certain rooms as you unload.

Faster Moving Process

A benefit that makes the difference for many people is the ability to pack, move, upload, and unpack more quickly. This can make a huge difference when you have a limited timeframe for the move. For example, you may only have a long weekend to handle the move. This means you would need to handle the whole process on your own within just a few days. However, if you use local movers or long distance movers, you can ensure you meet the deadline easily without using up your time or causing stress. 

When you are ready to schedule your moving pod, discuss the options of hiring movers as well. Keep in mind, most pod moving and storage companies will use third party movers. This means you will be able to choose the right mover for you as well as the right movers for your budget. The storage and moving company can also answer any questions you have.

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