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3 Reasons To Switch To VOIP

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Have you heard about other businesses making the switch to a VoIP phone system and wondering if you should do the same thing? VoIP is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol, or voice over IP. Here are a few benefits of VoIP, and some reasons why you should make the switch for your business.

Easy Installation

If you were hesitant to make the switch to VoIP due to a messy installation, know that it's not the case with VoIP. Every phone just needs an internet connection in order to work. There is no need to run new lines, have a huge switch that everything plugs into, or deal with an installation where new lines are run into your building. 

In most situations, all you need to do is plug the new phone into a nearby Ethernet cable, which is likely something that already exists in your building. There are also options for phones that connect over Wi-Fi so only a power cable is needed. Many workstations can have additional Ethernet connections added by using an Ethernet switch, which acts as a way to connect multiple Ethernet connections into one cable.

Easy Expandability

One of the nice things about VoIP is how easy it is to expand the system when necessary. Is a new employee joining your team? All you really need is to plug in a new phone at their workstation. This ability to easily expand your phone system means that it can grow with your business. If you are buying a switch for a more traditional phone system, it's possible that one day you'll need more lines than what it can handle. This means an expensive upgrade cost at some point to add a single line. 

Unlimited Lines

A common problem with a traditional phone system is that you need a dedicated line for every employee that plans on using the phone system at the same time. This can be quite expensive, since you may not need an open line for everyone aside from a few rare instances. This is not an issue with VoIP, since every extension has an open line to make or receive calls. No more waiting for a line to be free, or having customers get a busy signal because all lines are active. It makes dealing with line availability much easier for you, which will be a benefit if you ever run into this problem. 

Are you ready to make the switch? Reach out to a VoIP provider for more information.