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Tips For Hiring Santa Claus Entertainers For Your Christmas Party

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If you're thinking about putting together a Christmas party this holiday season, don't hesitate to hire some professionals that can make it a memorable experience. For instance, hiring someone to play Santa Claus can be worthwhile whether this is a family and friends Christmas party or one you're putting together for your company. Countless people are hired to play this role in different capacities all over every holiday season. Consider the points below to learn more about bringing a Santa Claus on board for your event or business. 

Why might you want to look into Santa entertainers for hire?

Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, spare no expense when it comes to ringing in the season. Throwing an office Christmas party allows your company to spend quality time outside of work so that they can build bonds and chemistry. If you do a family Christmas party or one where people bring their kids, having a Santa present is a must-have. It adds to the cohesiveness and theme of the festivities so that everyone has an amazing time.

Do you need any special talents or considerations from your Santa?

Think about what you're hoping to get from your Santa Claus. For instance, Santa is strictly a treat for the kids, you can have them bring their Christmas lists or hire a Santa Claus that can tell stories about his quests in the North Pole. If it's an office party where alcohol is served and people get dressed up, perhaps your Santa can double as a music or comedy act. 

You may also need your Santa to speak multiple languages or other skills. It's predicted that there will be 138 million Spanish-speaking people in the United States over the course of the next several years. You might also have employees in your office that are deaf or hearing impaired, which would require a Santa Claus that knows sign language. Consider if you need your actor to be bilingual or speak certain languages, or possess other talents that will be helpful for your company holiday party. 

How can hire the best professional for your Christmas event?

Once you know what you need in a Santa Claus, take the time to find an organization that staffs them. You will be able to browse them based on their look, the types of events they do, and what they bring to the table. It's also important that you have a budget for your event and browse the prices these actors charge. Hiring a Santa Claus will cost you at least $30 per hour, and might cost upward of $300 per hour. 

Consider these tips if you are looking for a Santa entertainer for hire.