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Ways To Unload Unwanted Vehicles

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If you have a few junk cars on your property that you would benefit from getting rid of, you may be contemplating the easiest way to part with the vehicles. Consider the following options to dispose of the automobiles, plus possibly raise some extra funds.


You will never know if someone in the region is interested in the cars that you are going to be unloading unless you reach a target audience that has a need for one or more of the vehicles. Creating an online ad on an auto sales website is one way to reach people who may be seeking a vehicle like yours. Your ad should specify what types of cars you have in your possession, what is wrong with each of the vehicles, and whether or not you are seeking compensation for the vehicles.

If the vehicles are not running, be certain to specify this in your ad. Some automotive buyers may be looking for parts for a specific vehicle that is already in their possession. If this is the case, one or more interested people may be receptive to buying a car that doesn't run, simply so that they can obtain the mechanical or cosmetic parts that they need to improve the condition of the vehicle that they already own.

Place A Sign On Each Vehicle

If you have room on your property to move the vehicles around, you may want to set up a makeshift sales area. This area should be large enough to space the vehicles out along the edge of your property. Signage that is indicative of the car's status and any money that you are seeking for the vehicle should be clearly displayed on the signs. It is fairly common for people to drive around town looking for vehicles that are being sold through a private seller.

If any of your vehicles stand out to someone who is interested in a particular model that you own, you may be able to do business with this person. When creating a sales area, consider the placement of the signage. The signage should be within view of anyone who drives by or walks by your property.

Cleaning the vehicles will increase the odds of having someone inquire further about the vehicles. Make sure that your contact information is added to the signage. If you do not want people knocking on your door, specify on the signage that you would prefer an interested buyer to contact you via phone or email.

For more information on how to sell junk cars, contact a professional near you.