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Some employers form partnerships with staffing agencies. A staffing agency recruits eligible workers for open positions that employers need to fill. The information below will brief you on what to expect if you decide to seek services through a staffing agency.

The Purpose

It can be difficult for an employer to fill open positions through a standard hiring process. If the employer receives a lot of applicants, they need to review many applications and conduct countless job interviews. A staffing agency eliminates the need to seek new workers.

A staffing agency has a talent pool that they can hand select employees from. Typically, the talent pool will feature many people with varying talents. Once a new job opens, an employer can contact the staffing agency that they have partnered with and request that a worker is sought for the job opening. A staffing agent will review the members of their pool and select one who will be suited for the job opening.

Types Of Workers

Employees who are contracted through a staffing agency fall into different categories. Temp workers are workers who will be hired on a temporary basis. Temp-to-hire workers are ones that will begin their job duties as temporary workers, and then if an employer discovers that a temp worker is a good fit, they may decide to hire them on a permanent basis.

A direct-hire worker is one that an employer will hire immediately. Once the temp agency recruits the worker, the employer will put the direct hire right to work. This type of temp worker will be paid directly by an employer.

Payments And Salaries

A temp agency charges an employer a markup fee. The markup will be a percentage of a temp worker's salary. The markup fee and the salary that a temp worker will be making will be paid directly to the temp agency. Once an employer pays the fee, the temp agency will handle the wage payments that each temp worker is owed.

The temp agency will work out a salary distribution method that will ensure that each employee receives the salary that they were promised when they were first hired. An employer will be required to pay the temp agency for the length of time that a temp worker will be performing services for them. Once a temporary job position concludes, an employer will no longer be required to pay the temp agency.

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